Reformat an image with a CMTK registration using the reformatx tool

cmtk.reformatx(floating, registrations, output, target, mask = FALSE,
  direction = NULL, interpolation = c("linear", "nn", "cubic", "pv",
  "sinc-cosine", "sinc-hamming"), dryrun = FALSE, Verbose = TRUE,
  MakeLock = TRUE, OverWrite = c("no", "update", "yes"),
  filesToIgnoreModTimes = NULL, ...)



The floating image to be reformatted


One or more CMTK format registrations on disk


The path to the output image (defaults to "<targetstem>_<floatingstem>.nrrd")


A character vector specifying an image file on disk, an im3d object (or an object that can be coerced to im3d) or a 6-or 9-vector defining a grid in the form Nx,Ny,Nz,dX,dY,dZ,[Ox,Oy,Oz].


Whether to treat target as a binary mask (only reformatting positive voxels)


Whether to transform image from sample space to reference space (called forward by CMTK) or from reference to sample space (called inverse by CMTK). Default (when NULL is forward).


What interpolation scheme to use for output image (defaults to linear - see details)


Just print command


Whether to show cmtk status messages and be verbose about file update checks. Sets command line --verbose option.


Whether to use a lock file to allow simple parallelisation (see makelock)


Whether to OverWrite an existing output file. One of c("no","update","yes"). When OverWrite='update' RunCmdForNewerInput is used to determine if the output is older than any of the input files.


Input files whose modification time should not be checked when determining if new output is required.


additional arguments passed to CMTK reformatx after processing by


the path to the output image (whether or not it was re-created afresh) or NA_character_ if no output was possible.


Note that if you are reformatting a mask then you will need to change the interpolation to "nn", since interpolating between e.g. mask levels 72 and 74 with 73 may have unintended consequences. Presently we have no way of knowing whether an image should be treated as a mask, so the interpolation must be handled manually.

See also

cmtk.bindir,, makelock, RunCmdForNewerInput


if (FALSE) { cmtk.reformatx('myimage.nrrd', target='template.nrrd', registrations='template_myimage.list') # get full listing of command line options system('reformatx', help=TRUE)) }