Check if a file is a NRRD file

is.nrrd(f = NULL, bytes = NULL, ReturnVersion = FALSE, TrustSuffix = FALSE)



A character vector specifying the path or a raw vector with at least 8 bytes.


optional raw vector of at least 8 bytes from the start of a single file (used in preference to reading file f).


Whether to return the version of the nrrd format in which the file is encoded (1-5).


Whether to trust that a file ending in .nrrd or .nhdr is a NRRD


Note that multiple files can be checked when a character vector of length > 1 is provided, but only one file can be checked when a raw byte array is provided.

See also

Other nrrd: nrrd.voxdims(), read.nrrd(), write.nrrd()