Search for literature in the repository. The returned data frame can be used to get article IDs and neuron names, that can be fed to neuromorpho_get_article, in order to get information on studies that have submitted reconstructions to Searches are made by looking at the meta data for items of literature in the repository, i.e. querying for certain field entries for certain literature fields.

neuromorpho_literature_search(search_terms = c("species:Drosophila melanogaster"),
  neuromorpho_url = "", ...)



a vector of search terms, with each term formatted as "field:field entry". All valid neuron fields can be seen by calling neuromorpho_fields, and all the entries for certain fields can be seen using neuromorpho_fields_entries. Only meta data for neurons that have the entries described for all given search terms will be returned.


the base URL for querying the neuromorpho database, defaults to


methods passed to neuromorpho_async_req, or in some cases, neuromorphr:::neuromorpho_fetch


Beware, that these terms are different from the equivalent fields and field entries for neurons, e.g. the cell type literature field is cellType rather than cell_type, as it is for neurons. Articles can also be searched in a web browser at

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# Let's search for some literature that has contributed reconstructions to

## let's have a look at articles that have worked on Drosophila melanogaster = neuromorpho_literature_search(field="species:Drosophila melanogaster")

## We have found this many papers

## Note this is a little different from what we get when we pull this information for neurons
neuron.fields = neuromorpho_field_entries(field="species")
# }