Thanks for using nat.templatebrains. We’re sorry if you’re having trouble, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! To get help as quickly as possible, please read the following:

The first thing is to see if anyone has had your problem before:

If that solves your problem, then great!

Known Problems

If you need more help with a known problem:

  • If you found a relevant thread on the nat-user google group: please reply to that.
  • If you found a GitHub issue: please reply to that with more details or just like it (click on the emoji button and add a thumbs up) to let us know you’re having trouble too. You’ll need to a GitHub login for this.
  • If you’re not sure: ask a new question on the nat-user google group linking to what you have found.

New Problems

If it looks like a new problem then:

  • If you just have a question: please ask the nat-user google group.
  • If you need to report a new bug: please file an issue.
  • If you’re not sure: please just ask the nat-user google group! If your problem is a bug or a feature request, you can easily return here and report it - and we may be able to point you to an existing report or workaround.

Good Questions and Bug Reports

  • Be specific
  • Include the code that triggered the problem
  • If at all possible, make a minimal reproducible example (a reprex)

It will be much easier for us to help if we can run a reprex on our own machine without your data. You might want to use sample data from a nat package to help, or refer to publicly available data online. You can use the reprex package to help prepare a reprex. Read the Get help! section of the tidyverse site for more information.

Thanks for your help!