Add a 3D mesh surface to catmaid volume manager

catmaid_add_volume(x, conn = NULL, pid = 1, ...)



A mesh object such as hxsurf or a list with raw vertices and indices that will be passed to as.catmaidmesh


A catmaid_connection objection returned by catmaid_login. If NULL (the default) a new connection object will be generated using the values of the catmaid.* package options as described in the help for catmaid_login.


Project id (default 1)


Additional arguments passed to as.catmaidmesh such as title, comments etc.


An invisible list with the post status response on success (the function will throw an error on failure)

See also


if (FALSE) {
library(elmr), sample=JFRC2, ref=FAFB14)
for(r in$RegionList){
  comment="Transformed from JFRC2 space onto FAFB14"
  name=paste("v14", sep=".", r)
  catmaid_add_volume(subset(, r), title=name, comment=comment)