Return the entity ids for one or more model ids

catmaid_entities_from_models(skids, pid = 1, conn = NULL, ...)



One or more numeric skeleton ids or a character vector defining a query (see catmaid_skids or examples for the syntax).


Project id (default 1)


A catmaid_connection objection returned by catmaid_login. If NULL (the default) a new connection object will be generated using the values of the catmaid.* package options as described in the help for catmaid_login.


Additional arguments passed to the catmaid_fetch function


An integer vector of entity ids each named by the corresponding model id (usually a skeleton id).


This will normally be used to turn skeleton ids into neuron ids which are used e.g. for annotation purposes. This is probably not something that many end users will need but is required e.g. by catmaid_remove_annotations_for_skeletons.

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