Calculates the time individual users have spent working on a set of neurons This API is a replica of the get_time_invested from python package `pymaid`. The parameters `minimum_actions` and `max_inactive_time` are used to fine tune how time invested is calculated. By default, time is binned over 3 minutes in which a given user has to perform 3x10 actions for that interval to be counted as active. The parameter `mode` can be one of 'SUM' or 'OVER_TIME' or 'ACTIONS'. 'SUM' will return total time invested (in minutes) per user. 'OVER_TIME' will return minutes invested/day over time. 'ACTIONS' will return actions (node/connectors placed/edited) per day, for this choice the minimum_actions and max_inactive_time don't apply and hence every action is counted

catmaid_get_time_invested(skids, pid = 1, conn = NULL,
  mode = c("SUM", "OVER_TIME", "ACTIONS"), minimum_actions = 10,
  max_inactive_time = 3, treenodes = TRUE, connectors = TRUE,
  start_date = "2005-01-01", end_date = "2099-01-01", ...)



could be skeleton id or neuron name or annotation


the project id


CATMAID connection instance


can be one of 'SUM','OVER_TIME','ACTIONS', where 'SUM' will return the total time invested (in minutes), 'OVER_TIME' returns minutes invested per day over time, 'ACTIONS' returns actions (node/connectors placed/edited) performed per day


the minimum number of actions per minute to be counted as active.


Interval in minutes over which time invested is binned. Essentially determines how much time can be between bouts of activity.


Whether tree nodes need to be taken into account or not


Whether connectors need to be taken into account or not


The start date to compute activity from


The end date to compute end of activity at


Additional arguments passed to the catmaid_fetch function


if (FALSE) { tempval <- catmaid_skids('annotation:^ORN$') skid_1 <-tempval[[1]] catmaid_get_time_invested(skids=skid_1, mode='SUM') }