nat.flybrains 1.8.0

  • Add JRCFIB2018F Janleia electron microscopy hemibrain template brain; this will help link EM connectomics and light level anatomical data (#43)
  • Add JRC2018U intersex template brain and surface, from the Bogovic and Saalfeld average template brains. This intersex template brain from may become the new registration standard. (#41)
  • Add JRCVNC2018F female template nerve cord and surface, from the Bogovic and Saalfeld average template brains. Thanks to @istvantaisz. (#42)

nat.flybrains 1.7.4

  • new github organisation: natverse/nat.flybrains
  • other standard doc features for packages
  • fix DOI link for Dsim brain
  • description for JRC2018F brain

nat.flybrains 1.7.3

  • add citation

nat.flybrains 1.7.2

  • Add JRC2018F female template brain and surface, the first of the Bogovic and Saalfeld average template brains. The intersex template brain from this series may become the new registration standard.

nat.flybrains 1.7.1

  • Rename IVLP neuropil to WED in accordance with Ito et al 2014 (#37)
  • Doc tidying and fixes

nat.flybrains 1.7

  • add D. sechellia DsecI template and surface model (with Richard Benton)

nat.flybrains 1.6

  • add information and surfaces for Drosophila melanogaster, virilis and simulans template brains
  • add DOIs to template brain information
  • remove functions to support download/update of addition external registrations as these are now in nat.templatebrains v0.6
  • add function to download all Jefferis Lab registrations

nat.flybrains 1.5

  • added functions to support download/update of additional external registrations from github repositories (see ?add_reg_repo and ?update_reg_repos)
  • Add any additional registrations to options nat.templatebrains.regdirs on startup
  • add VNCIS1 template brain and surface model

nat.flybrains 1.4

  • package loading adds appropriate directories to the option nat.templatebrains.regdirs.
  • dev: add real tests for via registrations
  • dev: reinstate detailed transformation tests

nat.flybrains 1.3

  • add T1 mirroring registration
  • move tests to nat.templatebrains as well. We may yet want to streamline the tests in nat.templatebrains and move some of the more detailed ones back here.
  • depend on version 0.2 of nat.templatebrains

nat.flybrains 1.2

  • templatebrain definitions and functions moved to nat.templatebrains package

nat.flybrains 1.1

  • BrainTemplate class is now templatebrain
  • templatebrain function is now a dedicated constructor
  • as.templatebrain methods provided for im3d/character to make it easier to construct template brain objects from image files
  • doc: minor improvements