nat.nblast 1.6.6 Unreleased

  • Keep scale factor when normalising (#38)
  • Doc fixes

nat.nblast 1.6.4 Unreleased

  • pkgdown documentation
  • use development version of nat package when doing install_github of nat.nblast
  • spelling

nat.nblast 1.6.3 Unreleased

  • fixes/examples for show_similarity
  • allow score matrices to be passed as first param to nhclust (but issue a warning)
  • change vignette engine to rmarkdown

nat.nblast 1.6.2 2016-04-26

  • minor fixes for 3.3
  • add vignette
  • simplify travis setup

nat.nblast 1.6.1 Unreleased

  • dev: fix test for different normalisation types

nat.nblast 1.6 Unreleased

  • fix handling of non-square matrices in sub_score_mat
  • minor doc fixes

nat.nblast 1.5 2014-09-19

  • switch from importing nat to depending on it

nat.nblast 1.4 Unreleased

  • use nabor package, not RANN, for finding nearest neighbours
  • add functions for creating sparse score matrices, using spam package
  • speed up extraction of diagonal elements for on-disk score matrices
  • nblast now handles all combinations of neuron and dotprops objects

nat.nblast 1.3 Unreleased

  • functions to create scoring matrices; see create_scoringmatrix for details.
  • fix: really use nhclust’s distfun argument
  • new nblast_allbyall function
  • add plyr support (gives parallelisation and progress bar options)

nat.nblast 1.2 Unreleased

  • add nhclust, plot3d.hclust, subset.hclust to help cluster/plot based on nblast scores (all ported from flycircuit package).
  • rename showSimilarity -> show_similarity
  • dev: make sure tests run during check()
  • test: update baselines given score matrix changes in 1.1

nat.nblast 1.1 Unreleased

  • fix: make smat.fcwb the default scoring matrix (rather than smat_alpha) when nblast’s UseAlpha parameter is FALSE (the default) and smat_alpha.fcwb the default when UseAlpha=TRUE.
  • rename smat->smat.fcwb and smat_alpha->smat_alpha.fcwb to make it clear that these are defined in the FCWB template space (though they should work OK for other fly template brains that have an absolute physical scale)
  • don’t set options(“nat.nblast.defaultsmat”"), just query it.
  • doc: basic package documentations