Get information on neuron data items

Use a neuron/line ID to get information about that neuron/line. For example, the MIP files available from NeuronBridge.


Get identifiers for neurons/lines with NeuronBridge results


Get information on neurons and lines used by NeuronBridge

Search for EM-LM hits

Take a connectome neuron/line and search for hits.

neuronbridge_hits() neuronbridge_search()

Get EM-LM neuron matches for fly brain neurons from


Get LM-EM matches for one set of neurons while avoiding another set

What's in a line?

Estimated which connectome neurons are in a genetic driver line. Use this information to plan split combinations for sparser lines.

neuronbridge_line_contents() neuronbridge_predict_split()

Use NeuronBridge to estimate which hemibrain connectome neurons are taregted by a genetic driver line

Plot MIP files

Retrieve and plot 2D colour maximal projection images (MIP) files

neuronbridge_mip() plot_mip() scan_mip() neuronbridge_remove_mips()

Get and plot colour MIPs for neurons from NeuronBridge