Remove points from a neuron, keeping the root node intact.

prune_online(x, ...)

# S3 method for neuron
prune_online(x, ...)

# S3 method for neuronlist
prune_online(x, ...)



The object to prune. (e.g. dotprops object, see details)


Additional methods passed to prune_vertices


A pruned neuron/neuronlist object


The neuron is plotted initially with all nodes selected (and shown with black points). You can interactively select points to remove (they will now be plotted in red). You can also add points back again (they will return to black). When you are finished, press [e] to exit and then indicate that you have finished (yes).


if (FALSE) {
## Interactively choose which bit of the neuron you wish to keep = prune_online(Cell07PNs[1:2])