Return function that finds maximum of its inputs within a clamping range

clampmax(xmin, xmax, replace.infinite = NA_real_)


xmin, xmax

clamping range. If xmax is missing xmin should be a vector of length 2.


The value with which to replace non-finite values in the input vector. When codereplace.infinite=FALSE no action is taken. The default value of NA will result in e.g. Inf being mapped to NA.


A function with signature f(x, ..., na.rm)


Note that by default infinite values in the input vector are converted to NAs before the being compared with the clampmax range.


if (FALSE) { LHMask=read.im3d(system.file('tests/testthat/testdata/nrrd/LHMask.nrrd',package='nat')) d=unmask(rnorm(sum(LHMask),mean=5,sd=5),LHMask) op=par(mfrow=c(1,2)) rval=image(projection(d,projfun=max)) image(projection(d,projfun=clampmax(0,10)),zlim=rval$zlim) par(op) }