cmtk.targetvolume.list is designed to cope with any user-defined class for which an as.im3d method exists. Presently the only example in the nat.* ecosystem is nat.templatebrains::as.im3d.templatebrain.

cmtk.targetvolume(target, ...)

# S3 method for im3d
cmtk.targetvolume(target, ...)

# S3 method for list
cmtk.targetvolume(target, ...)

# S3 method for default
cmtk.targetvolume(target, ...)



A character vector specifying an image file on disk, an im3d object (or an object that can be coerced to im3d) or a 6-or 9-vector defining a grid in the form Nx,Ny,Nz,dX,dY,dZ,[Ox,Oy,Oz].


additional arguments passed to methods


a character vector specifying the full cmtk reformatx '--target' or '--target-grid' argument


if the character vector specifies an AmiraMesh file, it will be converted to a bare im3d object and then to an appropriate '--target-grid' specification.


if (FALSE) { # see library(nat.flybrains) cmtk.targetvolume(FCWB) }