Subset points in dotprops object that match given conditions

# S3 method for dotprops
subset(x, subset, invert = FALSE, ...)



A dotprops object


A subset of points defined by indices, an expression or a function (see Details)


Whether to invert the subset criteria - a convenience when selecting by function or indices.


Additional parameters (currently ignored)


subsetted dotprops object


subset defines either logical or numeric indices, in which case these are simply applied to the matrices that define the points, vect fields of the dotprops object etc OR a function (which is called with the 3D points array and returns T/F. OR an expression vector).

See also

prune.dotprops, subset.neuron


## subset using indices ... dp=kcs20[[10]] dp1=subset(dp, 1:50) # ... or an expression dp2=subset(dp, alpha>0.7) front=subset(dp, points[,'Z']<40) # use a helper function between=function(x, lower, upper) x>=lower & x<=upper middle=middle=subset(dp, between(points[,'Z'], 40, 60)) # plot results in 3D # \donttest{ plot3d(front, col='red') plot3d(middle, col='green') plot3d(dp, col='blue') # } if (FALSE) { ## subset using an selection function s3d=select3d() dp1=subset(dp, s3d(points)) # special case of previous version dp2=subset(dp, s3d) # keep the points that were removed from dp2 dp2.not=subset(dp, s3d, invert=TRUE) # (another way of doing the same thing) dp2.not=subset(dp, Negate(s3d)) stopifnot(all.equal(dp1, dp2)) dp2=subset(dp, alpha>0.5 & s3d(pointd)) dp3=subset(dp, 1:10) ## subset each dotprops object in a whole neuronlist plot3d(kcs20) s3d=select3d() kcs20.partial = nlapply(kcs20, subset, s3d) clear3d() plot3d(kcs20.partial, col='red') plot3d(kcs20, col='grey') }