Get the regions of interest (ROIs) used in a neuPrint project

  superLevel = FALSE,
  dataset = NULL,
  fromNeuronFields = FALSE,
  conn = NULL,



whether not to show 'superlevel' ROIs - ROIs composed of other ROIs. If set to NULL, both low-level and superlevel ROIs are returned.


optional, a dataset you want to query. If NULL, the default specified by your R environ file is used or, failing that the current connection, is used. See neuprint_login for details.


: Whether to use fields of :Neuron nodes to fetch the ROIs. If FALSE (the default), use the dataset metadata instead. If TRUE, the superLevel argument is ignored


optional, a neuprintr connection object, which also specifies the neuPrint server. If NULL, the defaults set in your .Rprofile or .Renviron are used. See neuprint_login for details.


methods passed to neuprint_login