Get an adjacency matrix for the synaptic connectivity between nat::neuron/nat::neuronlist objects. This function does not query a neuPrint server. It uses information on synaptic connectivity stored in a nat::neuron/nat::neuronlist object, as read from neuPrint by neuprint_read_neurons. This can be particularly useful if you have neurons that you have been pruned using nat:prune family functions, because you just want to know the connectivity associated with this modified skeleton, and not all connectivity associated with a bodyid on neuPrint.

neuprint_skeleton_connectivity_matrix(pre, post = NULL, ...)



a neuron/neuronlist object. Putative input neurons (rows of returned matrix). If post is NULL, then these are also the putative target neurons (columns of returned matrix)


a neuron/neuronlist object. Putative target neurons. Defaults to NULL


methods sent to nat::nlapply


a n x n matrix, where the rows are input neurons and the columns are their targets. Names are bodyids.


# \donttest{
neurons = neuprint_read_neurons(c(818983130,1143677310))
M = neuprint_skeleton_connectivity_matrix(neurons)

# }