fetchn_fafb is a thin wrapper around the catmaid::read.neurons.catmaid function with the additional convenience of automating conversion to a reference brain. Input can also be a pre-downloaded neuronlist.

fetchdp_fafb extends fetchn_fafb by additionally converting neurons to the dotprops representation suitable for nblast.

fetchn_fafb(skids, mirror = TRUE, conn = NULL, reference = nat.flybrains::FCWB)

fetchdp_fafb(skids, mirror = TRUE, conn = NULL, ...)



catmaid skeleton ids (see catmaid_skids) or a neuronlist


whether to mirror the neuron (default TRUE since FlyCircuit neurons are on fly's left and most FAFB tracings are on fly's right.)


a catmaid connection object (see catmaid_connection)


The reference brain to which the neurons will be transformed, either a templatebrain object such as FCWB or a character vector naming such an object.


Additional parameters passed to nblast


if (FALSE) { # fetch all neurons with an annotation exactly matching "KC" and convert # to JFRC2013 space kcs=fetchn_fafb("annotation:^KC$", reference=JFRC2013) # supplying a neuronlist, it will mirror and convert the neurons # to a reference brain dc_nl=fetchn_fafb(dense_core_neurons, reference=JFRC2013) }